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Experienced British Voice-Over Actor

David Parry is a professional and experienced British voice-over actor. He is a versatile actor who has been continuously delivering automated dialogue replacement (ADR), dubbing, and voiceover performances for more than seven years. Contact him today to learn more.

David Parry | Voice over Actor

A Trustworthy, Sincere, and Authoritative Voice

British-born and living in London where he works and records from his own professional studio, David Parry has built up a reputation as one of the leading voice-over actors in the United Kingdom. His mature voice embodies mid-range, clear British enunciation which will enhance the creativity of your projects.

He has extensive experience in ADR and narration, including within film, gaming, audiobooks, commercials, film trailers, management and presentations, and medical narration reads. His completed projects range from speed-reading five-second T&C's to narrating one-hour and 20-minute TV documentaries.

He has recently completed five major projects in films and gaming. Contact him today to discuss how David can add value to your project.

Why Work With a Voice-Over Actor?

When you work with a great voice-over actor, your brand, service, or project becomes more memorable. They help to increase conversions and create the required tone and emotion that you are seeking for your brand.

A professional voice-over actor like David Parry will, with minimal direction, help your customers to stay engaged in the video and react to your message in the desired way.

Range of British Accents

David is a classic, senior British male voice-over talent. His voice technique embodies mid-range, clear British enunciation and his accents include:

British South-East

British Received Pronunciation

British 'Oxford' Pronunciation

British 'Yorkshire' (North England)

London Cockney (rough, rough, and gruff!)

His sounding ages range from 41 to 70 years.

A Trustworthy, Sincere, and Authoritative Voice

Since 2021, David has been working extensively within the ADR/dubbing industry. Examples of David's recent work here include:

See an example of David's work within ADR.

Read His Reviews

Check out some of the reviews that David has garnered during his time as a voice-over actor here and see why he is so highly regarded.

Very professional, brilliant cooperation from the start, highly recommend.

Contact Details

If you are interested in working with David or learning more about his experience, training, etc, contact him using the details below.


Business number: +44 (0)7894 546255

You can also reach out to David on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Check out his YouTube profile here

Work With David Parry on Your Next Project

If you have an upcoming project that requires a professional and experienced British voice-over actor, your No. 1 choice is David Parry. Contact him today to discuss your project and learn how you can take it to the next level.

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