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British Voice-Over Actor

This Is How I Sound:

Why A Voice-Over?

  • Your brand or service becomes more memorable with a great voiceover

  • A professional Voiceover on your video helps to increase conversions.

  • With minimal direction, a voice-over will create tone and emotional engagement for your brand.

  • A professional voice over will help your customers stay engaged in the video and re-act to your message.  


                                  Ponder This:  

Most soundtracks have moved to the extremes of the frequency

spectrum, with powerful bass and sparkling highs creating a sense of scale and drama.

My voice quality sits soundly in the middle and can be mixed into a

spectrally-dense 'bed' or soundtrack without excessive processing.

Contact me:  david.parry.voice.actor@gmail.com.   

+44(0)7894 546255.